Clarendon Farm Limited Partnership


This investment is for Clarendon Farm Limited Partnership (CFLP) which will own and operate 520 cows and replacements on 249.5348ha. This comprises approximately 222ha of milking platform and 27ha of support land. The land purchase price equates to $25,000/ha for the milking platform and $10,750/ha for the support land.

The farm is well located in a proven dairying district of Milton in south Otago with proven performance.

Key Features

  •  This investment pertains to a complete dairy farm business; land, cows, dairy company and other farming shares plus necessary plant and machinery.

  • The investment is seeking equity of $5,600,000 representing 60% of total capital required.

  • Bank debt of $3,800,000 representing 40% of total capital required

  •  The daily farming functions are to be carried out by a variable order sharemilker. The variable order sharemilker will be encouraged to hold units in CFLP to have some owners hands on working the farm.

  •  Strict selection criteria will determine only the “cream of the crop” will be selected as the variable order sharemilker for this investment.

  • Based on a current projected milk price (September 2013), $8.30 / kgMS, the gross return on investment after interest and before tax is projected to be approximately 12.7% per annum.

  • Surpluses distributed to the investors as determined by the General Partner

  • No assumptions have been made with respect to capital growth in this Information Memorandum. Historical information suggests there has been capital growth but investors need to make up their own minds as to the extent of which this will affect returns above and beyond the Gross cash returns forecast in this Information Memorandum.


For more information or to obtain a copy of the information memorandum please phone 08004RBS now or

This offer is not able to be taken up unless you are willing to invest no less than $250 000 and you are a person who comes within section 5 (2CBA) of the securities act.For more information or to obtain a copy of the information memorandum please phone 08004RBS now or