"Being relatively new to dairying (this is our 6th season) we’ve made use of farm advisors for that whole period.  In fact Dave Kilbride from RBS is the 3rd advisor we have had and we’re confident we’ve hit the right combination of down to earth, practical advice and sound financial guidance.  Others we have tried have either been too technical and unable to explain things effectively or lacking in the indepth financial experience that Dave has.

Dave has really helped facilitate a great team approach to what we are doing and keeps everything simple – with everyone on the same page we’re really delighted with how things are running now.

We often recommend RBS to other farmers because they’ve really made a difference to our situation."

Robert and Susan Glenn, own a dairy farm between Cambridge and Te Awamutu, Waikato. They have a Manager who runs the property and the herd of 350 cows (producing 110,000 KgMS) 07/03/2013